“See the good in people and help them.”  Mahatma Gandhi

When you enter the Thar desert you are struck by the most inner calm.  The hot winds blow against your face, your feet tread on the rocky and sandy paths, scrub land, bushes and a few scattered trees dot the horizon.  You can feel the stillness, interspersed with the tinkling of animals grazing, cows, sheep, goats.  It is a magical place, a mystic place.

You can sit with the silence, the huge expanse of horizon either in the shade of the daytime scorching sun or the boundless night sky; filled with the stars of the milky way.

Not far from the majestic Jaisalmer fort which rises out of the desert live the tribal people of this region.  Their lives simple and hard. They have very little, many without water, electricity or schools  and yet they have so much.  Their love, laughter and joy, their community spirit shine through.  They are rich in ways we are not.

It is the vision of Mystic smiles to build a school to help 3 villages in this area.  To provide a starting point in their education. Presently the children don’t go to school.  Their parents work and leave them in the village, older children are either shepherds or caregivers to the younger children.  Very few if any of their parents had no schooling either.  It is a cycle that needs to change to give them an opportunity for a better life.   The school would be for nursery children from age 3-5, and then Primary classes 1-5.