A unique centre located in the Great Thar Desert not far from the Golden City of Jaisalmer. It is a place of timelessness, emptiness and silence. A field of all possibilities, a place to provide anyone who is seeking with the ideal environment to gain new insights, access intuition and rediscover their inner resources of happiness.

In this rejuvenating tranquility and closeness to Mother Nature you can replenish your energy and truly relax. The power of this environment, reduced to the most essential, allows you to meet and rediscover yourself.

Life is simple here: It is determined by the sun. You get up early with the light. When it becomes too hot, you rest in the shade of a tree, and when the cool darkness falls, you warm yourself at a camp fire.

It is this simplicity that guides you through the challenges and crisis of life and encourages you to welcome the flow of change in your life.

Ashraf Ali was introduced to the world of meditation 10 years ago. He visited many ashrams, meditated in different temples and monasteries, and practiced with zen masters and Sufis from the desert.   In 2007 he was initiated into Osho commune in Pune and at Osho Nisarga, Dharmshala.
He is also certified in Ayurvedic Yoga Massage.
Ashraf has been sharing his humour, love and passion by leading meditation and massage in various places in India and Europe.
Ashraf opened his hotel Mystic Jaisalmer in 2012 with the aim to welcome people and share a more active technique of meditation, to enjoy the moment through spontaneous and creative activities. These activities include dance, singing, painting, writing and cooking.
Dedicating more time to meditation and extensive travel, Ashraf is passionate about experimenting and adventuring into new territories both externally and internally.
He feels meditation helps individuals at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Guided by Osho, Ashraf continues to unravel the inner world of beauty, mystery and sensuality through moments of celebration.
Connecting with people of many different cultures worldwide, Ashraf humbly describes himself in a few simple words:
“I am the travel guide of your inner journey.”

The meditation centre offers a variety of lectures, courses and workshops.

You are free to either participate in any activity offered here or just to stay and take time on your own.