About Us


Ashraf Ali the owner of Mystic Jaisalmer hotel has long dreamed of being able to help give back to his own community and people.  It is a vision of love and purpose, from the heart to the people. Ashraf was born near Paii in Rajasthan, and grew up in Jaisalmer.  He is fortunate to have had a good education.  His father an educated man and headmaster at a school in Jaisalmer already knew the merits of what education can provide.  Ashraf attended college and has a teaching qualification himself.  But his path has led him in a different direction working in the tourist section.  This has exposed him to many people and cultures giving him a unique exposure to the outside world.  In recent years it has led him to travel outside India and experience many cultures. His hotel Mystic Jaisalmer and the clientale that pass through are a natural fit with his new project Mystic Smiles. Many are teachers, people who wish to explore and experience a deeper connection to this beautiful land.  Through volunteering at the school, giving to others this wonderful experience can be felt.

His own journey has led him to mediation and mediation teachings. His abundant connection to the desert and the energy of this land has given him a deep desire to share this with others.

Mystic Smiles is even more than just a school and meditation centre.   It is a unique project meant to connect people from cultures and at the same time contribute to a universal understanding and peace.

Visitors of Mystic Smiles may decide to get into contact with the desert communities giving their knowledge and experience to the people – mainly to the children. Through these gifts they may be rewarded in a certain way from the inner abundance that they receive from the desert.